Stian Remvik Datagrafikk

Stian Remvik has a bachelor in design from Bergen Academy of Arts and Design, with specialization in visual communication. He also has a certificate in graphic design and have worked in an advertising agency. The last couple of years he has worked with design and programming of apps, animation, interaction, videogames and other creative applications. Mainly using openFrameworks, Cocos2d-x and Cycling '74 Max.

Twitter: @StianRemvik

2016      Developing network solution for syncronised multiscreen video with Gitte Sætre
2015-2016 Controlling light and video with sound signals with Kjersti Sundland and Sofie Jansson
2015      "BITWaves" iOS app for use in BIT20's outreach composition program
2014      "Neighbours" animation/installation exibited at Pikselfestivalen 2014
2013      "Bergen Reads" Technical development and design of installation with the
           public library in Bergen
2012-     Videogame design and programming (under development)
2011-2013 "Pachinko" Programming interactive animation in collaboration with Asbjørn Hollerud
2011      "Hush!" interactive animation
2008      "The Mask" identity movie (vignette) with NRK3

2007-2010 Bachelor in Visual Communication, Bergen National Academy of the Arts
2005-2007 Graphic designer Artic Reklamebyrå (advertising agency)
2005-2006 Graphic designer Hulen Bergen (rock club)
2003-2005 2 year course in graphic design, MI (NKF), Bergen

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"BITWaves" iOS app
Raspberry Pi Notes
"Neighbours" video installation
Electronic Vintage Bit20 concert visuals
"Late into that night, and all the following nights" installation
"Bergen Leser" installation
"Cubes" animation
NRK3 identity film
"Hush!" installation
"The sound of pictures" installation
Concert visuals Knekklectic
Hulen Bergen posters and design
Notes on programming and other technical difficulties

Implementation of FMOD (1.08.14) in Cocos2d-x (3.14.1) for Android and macOS (10.12.3)
Multi screen video with Multiscreener on Mac
CSS notes
Photoshop CC quick export png avoid trimming
Csound and openFrameworks
Png copy error Xcode
Implementation of FMOD(1.06.08) in Cocos2d-x(3.8.1) for iOS(9.1) and OSX(10.10.5)
Install Windows 10 MacBookPro
Deleting files on OSX, but space not freed up
Disable ant-ialiasing globaly in Cocos2d-x 3.8.1
ofxKinectForWindows2 openFrameworks body tracking getPosition/getProjected
Settings for autostarting Macs for installations